Special Meeting                                  Minutes approved 6/21/2017

June 1, 2017


The special meeting of the Clearwater Township Board was called to order at 7:06 p. m. at the Clearwater Township Hall by trustee Dwight Seaman with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll call of the board members: Barb Crambell- present; Dwight Seaman- present; Pat Hubble- present; Kathy Eldridge-present; Larry Niederstadt; not present. Also present: Pat Gray; Jeff West; Greg Bradley; and Bob Bergman.


Request by Eldridge for Dwight Seaman to chair meeting, due to Niederstadt’s absence. Agreed by Dwight Seaman.


Declaration of Conflict:  None


Public Comment:  None


Approval of Agenda:  Moved by Seaman, seconded by Crambell to approve the agenda. All in favor. Motion passed.


Township Truck : Moved by Hubble, seconded by Seaman to advertise Township truck as is, no warranty, sealed bids for sale in 2 local newspapers, the Elk Rapids News, and Kalkaska Review. Roll call vote: Crambell-yes; Seaman- yes Hubble-yes: Eldridge- yes. Motion passed.


Silver Lake Engineering bill:  Reviewed the blue prints with several questions. Results not detailed out, lacking information on what to do with mechanical systems electric, plumbing, fire protection, etc. Also what to do with the existing ancillary systems. Are existing services adequate for the new addition? Moved by Hubble, seconded by Seaman to take prints to Construction Code office in Kalkaska to be inspected. Roll call vote: Seaman- yes; Eldridge- yes; Crambell- yes; Hubble- yes. Motion passed.

Moved by Seaman, seconded by Crambell to hold paying the bill until Township meeting June 21, 2017. Roll call vote Hubble-yes; Crambell-yes; Eldridge-no; Seaman-yes. Motion passed.


Accountability for Fire Department Project:  Discussion on the existing Fire Hall being 43 years old, having been re-vamped. Several different suggestions brought up. Moved by Eldridge, seconded by Crambell to set up a committee for Fire Department Project to have going forward everything in writing bids, inspections and so on pre- approved by the Township Board before any money is spent. Roll call vote: Eldridge-yes; Crambell-yes; Hubble-yes; Seaman-yes; motion passed. Volunteers for committee are, Bob Bergmann, Jeff West, Greg Bradley, Pat Hubble, and Dwight Seaman. Will also ask public at the next Township meeting if anyone is interested.


Public Comment: None


Adjourned:  Moved by Crambell to adjourn meeting, seconded by Seaman. All in favor motion passed. Meeting adjourned at  8:22p.m.


Respectively submitted by

Kathy Eldridge, Township Clerk