Regular Meeting

July 19, 2017

Minutes Approved 8/16/2017


The regular meeting of the Clearwater Township Board was called to order at 7:02pm at the Clearwater Township Community Center by Trustee Dwight Seaman, with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll call of board members: Pat Hubble-present; Dwight Seaman-present; Barb Crambell-present; Kathy Eldridge-present; Larry Niederstadt-not present. Also present, Marletta Day, as recording secretary and 21 guests.


Motion by Hubble, seconded by Crambell, for Dwight Seaman to chair meeting, due to Niedersdatdt’s absence.

All in favor. Motion passed.


Motion by Seaman, seconded by Crambell, to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of June 21, 2017. All in favor – motion passed.


Declaration of Conflict of Interest:  No conflict.


Public Comment:

Resident of Pine Circle requested that the board look into adding a noise ordinance, for the township.


Motion by Hubble, seconded by Seaman, to send a letter to the Planning Commission to visit the noise ordinance, for township.  All in favor. Motion passed.


Approval of Agenda: Motion by Eldridge, seconded by Crambell, to approve agenda. All in favor. Motion passed.


Zoning Administration Report: – Seaman reviewed June monthly report, submitted by Guy Mobly.


John Rogers, Kalkaska County Road Commission, reviewed the annual report for the board.


Treasurer’s Report:  Crambell reported: General Fund, all accounts, $252,136.16; Public Improvement Fund, $3,098.67; Road Improvement Fund, $74,573.76; Fire Fund,$213,341.60; Fire Equipment Fund, $38,045.56; Tax Fund, $29.45.


Accountability Statement:  The treasurer balanced with the bank, and the clerk balanced with the treasurer.


Clerk’s Report:  Eldridge requested approval, motion by Hubble, seconded by Crambell, paying bills from General Fund as presented, voucher #22721 through #22776.  

Roll call vote: Seaman-yes; Hubble-yes; Crambell-yes; Eldridge-yes. Motion passed.


Eldridge requested approval, motion by Hubble, seconded by Crambell, paying bills from Fire Fund as presented, voucher #7929 through #7964.

Roll call vote: Crambell-yes; Hubble-yes; Seaman-yes; Eldridge-yes. Motion passed.


Eldridge introduced the new Deputy Clerk Jule Moore, to replace Pat Gray, who has resigned.


Sheriff’s Report:  Officer Beaver reviewed June statistics report with the board. Beaver introduced Deputy Barranger, who is in training.


Fire Department Report:  Fire Chief Jeff West reported firefighter James Haggard is leaving the Fire Department.


Hospital Report: Maryann Ewald updated the board with current news of the hospital, and the construction changes that are happening.  


Parks and Recreation:  No report.


Planning Commission: Eldridge reported that a public hearing is set for August 7th, before the regular meeting. The discussion will be on the definition of ‘structure’, that will be added to Zoning Ordinance 22.  


Assessor Report: No report.


Old Business

Sandbar 4th of July Update:  TLPA reported only 1 jet ski was provided, had plenty of port-a-johns and dumpsters, that were emptied and kept clean. Final numbers from the Sheriff’s department will be reported at a later date.


Seeds Report: Hubble reported Seeds participants were here for 2 days, and waiting on a call when they will return for more cleanup.


Update on Baggs Rd. and Wilhelm Rd.: John Rogers reported that Baggs Rd and Wilhelm Rd are being paved, and going well.


New Business


Fire Protection Agreement: Motion by Eldridge, seconded by Seaman, to approve the agreement and send back to Rapid River Township.

Roll call vote: Crambell-no; Seaman-yes; Hubble-no; Eldridge-yes. Motion passed.


Public Comment:

Hubble voiced disagreement in passing the Fire Protection Agreement.



Motion by Hubble to adjourn meeting, seconded by Crambell. All in favor. Motion passed, ending meeting at 8:50 pm.


Respectively submitted by

Marletta Day, Recording Secretary