Regular Meeting

September 20, 2017

Minutes Approved 10/18/17


The regular meeting of the Clearwater Township Board was called to order at 7:10 pm at the Clearwater Township Community Center by Trustee Dwight Seaman with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll call of board members: Barb Crambell-present; Dwight Seaman-present; Pat Hubble-present; Kathy Eldridge-present; Larry Niederstadt-not present. Also present, Marletta Day, as recording secretary and 17 guests.


Motion by Hubble , seconded by Crambell, for Dwight Seaman to chair meeting, due to Niederstadt’s absence.

All in favor. Motion passed.


Motion by Seaman, seconded by Hubble, to approve the minutes from the regular meeting with amended as follows: Paragraph 2, addition of ‘not present’ after Larry Niederstadt, of August 16, 2017.

All in favor. Motion Passed.


Declaration of Conflict of Interest:  No conflict.


Public Comment:

No comment.


Approval of Agenda: Motion by Seaman, seconded by Hubble, to approve agenda. All in favor. Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Crambell reported: General Fund, all accounts, $247,611.68; Public Improvement Fund, $3,099.61; Road Improvement Fund, $4,510.99; Fire Fund,$207,132.61; Fire Equipment Fund, $38,058.81; Tax Fund, $25.36.


Clerk’s Report:  Motion by Eldridge, seconded by Seaman, for approval in paying bills from General Fund as presented, voucher #22826 through #22877.  

Roll call vote: Crambell-yes; Seaman-yes; Hubble-yes; Eldridge-yes. Motion passed.


Eldridge requested approval, Motion by Seaman, seconded by Hubble, paying bills from Fire Fund as presented, voucher #7981 through #8000.

Roll call vote: Seaman-yes; Hubble-yes; Crambell-yes; Eldridge-yes. Motion passed.


Accountability Statement:  The treasurer balanced with the bank, and the clerk balanced with the treasurer.


Fire Department Report:  Motion by Hubble, seconded Seaman, to authorize purchases for the Fire Department of: 10 pagers replacement, Rescue Saw replacement, Ventilation Fan replacement, and Oxygen Fill Station, not to exceed $40,000

Roll call vote: Crambell-yes; Eldridge-yes; Hubble-yes; Seaman-yes. Motion passed.


Hospital Report: Seaman reviewed written report that was submitted.


Sheriff’s Report:  Officer Kyle Beaver reviewed July and August monthly report with the board.


Parks and Recreation:  Jule Moore reported the extra summer port-a-johns have been removed, a new BBQ grill has been installed at Freedom Park East and a dog poop station has been installed at Heritage Park.

Planning Commission: Eldridge reported at the next meeting, Oct 2nd at 7pm, there will be a speaker on the pros and cons of medical marijuana facilities licensing.   


Zoning Administration Report: Seaman reviewed monthly reported submitted by Guy Molby.


Assessor Report: No report.


Old Business

Fire Protection Agreement: Crambell reported the letter was sent to Rapid River and haven’t received any interaction from them, but will be following up.


Fire Hall Building Committee Report: Hubble reported they are waiting to hear back from the inspector.


New Business

MI Heritage Foundation M72 Monument Project Update:  Jerry Cannon reported to the board, the flag monument will be made out of concrete and be up by spring. They have been in contact with Guy Molby for guidance in what permits are needed. Committee is considering a new name for park, possibly Patriot Park.


Township Website Redesign: Motion by Hubble, seconded by Seaman, to hire Joe Gaylord to revamp the township’s website.

Roll call vote: Crambell-yes; Eldridge-yes; Seaman-yes; Hubble-yes. Motion passed.


Deputy Zoning Administrator: With much discussion, and looking over the workload that has been reported over the last several months, the board denied hiring a Deputy Zoning Administrator, stating there is not a need for the additional help.


Iron Bridge Load Rating Inspection: Eldridge reported speaking with the inspector and more investigation is being made.


Handrail to Iron Bridge at Freedom Park West: Hubble reported he spoke with Leo Zimmerman in replacing the handrails, and was informed that he does have most of the materials needed.


Public Comment:

Greg Bradley will be taking the form to Larry Niederstadt for his signature.

Motion by Eldridge, seconded by Seaman, to support Life Support Medical license for the state of MI, for the Fire Department.

Roll call vote: Crambell-yes; Hubble-yes; Seaman-yes; Eldridge-yes. Motion passed.



Motion by Crambell to adjourn meeting, seconded by Eldridge. All in favor. Motion passed, ending meeting at 8:48 pm.


Respectively submitted by

Marletta Day, Recording Secretary